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Get to Know Power Business Networking

Power Business Networking (PBN) is a professional networking group. We focus on collaboration, integrity, and success to generate positive outcomes for individual members.

 PBN got its start because of our founder’s passion for
collaboration. By helping others find pathways that help manifest success, a positive framework of continued opportunities can develop.


 We believe that the transformative power that comes from
collaboration and communication helps everyone find new ideas to streamline business growth, elevate individual and brand-related relationships, and inspire people everywhere to make the world a better place each day.

Integrity Matters in Today’s World

 At PBN, we focus on integrity as a core attribute because it
is the primary ingredient in a recipe for success. If you’re unable to do what is right when no one is watching, how can you hope to accomplish anything?


 Integrity also requires a commitment to oneself. Instead of
changing who you are to satisfy the needs of others, we want to create a strong network of individuals who are working together to produce positive results.


Instead of getting in each other’s way, we’re working together to create a rising tide that lifts everyone.


When we are willing to collaborate for success, we can accomplish anything. At PBN, that means your goals are always something that feels within reach.


Perseverance is the Key
That Unlocks Everything


If everyone gave up on their goals when they faced some
adversity, nothing would get accomplished in our communities. At PBN, we believe that when you show others that you can persevere through challenging
circumstances, you can build a network fueled by those experiences to accomplish great things.

 When you want the world to become a better place, it is up
to you to be the change you wish to see in others. At Power Business Networking, we’ll help you build that foundation.


Meet the PBN Team


Diverse Philanthropist



Our philanthropist wishes to remain anonymous because the goal is to focus on the network, not the contributions.

This founder delivers the SEO, general marketing, and web development for Power Business Networking. These efforts are the foundation from which everything else works.

There’s always a helping hand available when needed. Our philanthropist gets out in the community to transport food to distribution centers, unload trucks, fix computers, and consult with businesses on a troublesome path.

Anyone within the network who needs help with a website redesign, content refreshment, consulting, and more receives priority from this individual.

When there is some downtime to enjoy, you can find this individual spending lots of time with their family. Beach outings, days at the pool, or a leisurely dinner with everyone gathered in the kitchen are favorite moments. If there are volunteer opportunities available at the local entities, you’ll find this person making time to ensure students have the tools needed for a successful day of learning.

Attention should be given to those who are building their brands. By staying in the background to lift everyone else up, our diverse philanthropist creates an equation for success that we can all follow.

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