Grow Your Business Through Public Speaking

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Public speaking is a skill you use more often than you realize. Whether you’re buying groceries at the store or pitching an idea on Zoom, these interactions all create networking opportunities.

Some entrepreneurs, founders, owners, and ambassadors log hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles each year as they provide presentations globally. When you travel a lot, the grind can get tiring. It’s also worth the investment because you can start growing your business.

What Are the Benefits of Public Speaking?

When you take the time to speak with others, you’re conveying information while building relationships. You’re letting your expertise shine while showing people the value your perspective offers.

If you think about this skill as a marketing tool, these specific advantages can develop from this investment.

Brand Assistance:When you can get your name and brand out there in your community by hosting speaking events, it helps build awareness for your current and future operations.
Reputation Building:If people can hear you speak as an authority for your niche or industry, they believe in your expertise. This conclusion offers a reputation boost for potential customers, clients, and leads.
Confidence Enhancement:It takes courage to stand up in front of people to share information. You’re putting yourself into a vulnerable position, and that is never easy to do willingly. When you have a successful public speaking experience, it becomes much easier to pursue the next one.
Improve Sales Skills:When you take the time to practice your public speaking, you’ll get better at it. Although products or services often sell themselves, it’s up to you to show people how they can solve pain points. You become the guide that helps everyone see the available value.

How to Embrace Public Speaking

Most people don’t relish the idea of standing up in front of a massive audience. Even seasoned speakers and performers get nervous before it is time to start their event.

Having some nerves is normal. When you feel the butterflies start fluttering around, here are some tips to help you get over everything.

1. Learn by watching others.

Lots of people have excellent advice to offer to help with your public speaking experiences. You can watch YouTube presentations, TED talks, and more to see or practice how to handle yourself in front of others.

2. Keep practicing.

Talking in front of a mirror is quite helpful when learning how to speak in public. Once you get comfortable with your vocal delivery, try offering your presentation to a friend or family member you trust to give honest feedback.

If you don’t have someone around to help, try recording your presentation on your smartphone to see how your non-verbal communication equates to the information getting relayed to others.

3. Ask for help.

If you want to improve your technique, look for professional coaches or mentors in your area that can offer assistance. One of the best places to ask for some help is at your local Toastmasters International chapter. You can also find a tutor that can help you learn to speak in front of a group for an affordable price.

4. Attend networking events.

If you set a goal for your public speaking, it’s much easier to push through your agenda when offering a presentation. Decide on the elements you wish to target with as much specificity as possible. Start crafting your topics around the pain points you suspect the audience needs met to gain their attention right away. Once you have this outline created, tie your offer into the material so that it feels like a natural transition.

5. Come prepared for anything.

Some people can show up to a public speaking event without any notes or presentation materials. Most speakers require something to get their career off the ground. This process can start by finding out about what others need or volunteering to speak at an event. If you have marketing materials to hand out, such as a business card, you can promote your brand. It also helps to take info from attendees to get in contact with them later.

Public speaking can be an enjoyable experience, especially when you come prepared for the occasion. As time passes, you’ll gain the confidence to speak at more significant events, headline trade shows, and much more. It opens lots of possibilities for your small business to grow!

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