How To Attract Your Ideal Client

How To Attract Your Ideal Client

It can be difficult to work with clients who aren’t a good fit, because it can feel like a dysfunctional relationship. Nobody feels understood, and things rarely turn out well the first time around (or the second time either…).

As a result, you ask the same question again.

Every business owner’s nightmare.

Is it possible to attract clients I will enjoy working with?

The answer is YES! There is no need to be concerned about the complexity of the process.

Your ideal client isn’t hard to attract. You can successfully attract and convert your dream clients with the help of just one tool.

Step one is the most important…

Get to know your ideal client

Could you describe your ideal client?

Could you do it with something more than: “Anybody who has lot’s of money and loves to buy my products/services?”.

Is it possible for you to answer this question honestly and in detail?

Unless you know what makes your ideal client tick (what their budget is, what making them happy looks like), your campaign will struggle to attract them.

Which means, if “a lot of money” is the only factor you have to define your ideal client, you need to download and complete our Customer Avatar Worksheet.

With this tool, you can review all the essential information you need about your customers so you can start building a stronger relationship with them.

You can use the worksheet to gain a deeper understanding of your ideal client by thinking about their goals, challenges, pain points, possible objections, etc.

If you have difficulties answering the questions, it’s a good sign that you need to do more research. Getting to know your ideal client can mean many different things, but I believe getting to know them the best way is by…

…it’s going to sound way too simple….

Ask them questions. Listen to what they have to say. In short, talk to them!

You probably already have a couple of clients who love your services. Advocates like these are the ones you should be modeling your customer avatar after. They are already invested in your company with little effort on their part. They LOVE you. These are your dream clients. These are your Customer/Client Avatars. And yes, as a successful business professional, you will have more than one avatar.

A great relationship (business or otherwise) starts with getting to know each other.

Identify where your ideal clients are and meet them there

Your relationship with every client is different in terms of what their needs are, how they operate, what they sell and what they buy,.

There’s one thing all your ideal clients have in common… they’re all online.

Facebook has 2.6 billion active users per month. Then there are the known 100 billion google searches per month. Mind you that number is from 2012, admittedly outdated, but we know that is the minimum number of monthly google searches.

Yes Virginia, you have a dream client and he or she IS online. This means, advertising online is the most effective way to connect with your ideal customer. You can generate leads every month by running Google ads and Facebook campaigns. (Get help with those here.), But if you want those leads to convert to buyers you need your Customer Avatar to inform your ad and keyword targeting.So, complete the Customer Avatar Worksheet first. Then read Ads that Resonate with and Attract Your Ideal Client.

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