How to Get Your Dream Referrals More Often

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If you want to grow your brand and business, the quality of your network often determines how much success you’ll experience. As you start developing these relationships, you have opportunities to discuss your mission, vision, and values.

Those connections are vital when you want to get dream referrals from these partners.

The challenge that most professionals face when working on these relationships is how to balance between informing their network about the ideal referral and selling services. When you take the first approach, your brand description often changes when compared to the second.

That perspective can put you in an awkward position when turning a client into a referral asset.

Techniques to Use to Teach Your Referral Network

When you want to work through your network to get dream referrals, communication is your primary asset to use. Unless you provide accurate information about your expectations, it is an unreasonable expectation to have people understand what you want to accomplish.

That’s why you’ll want to implement the following techniques when it is time to talk to your network about how to recognize dream referrals.

1. Teach your network about what you want to see.

Don’t leave anything to chance when you start communicating with your network. If you want people to understand what qualities your dream referrals should have, you must be specific about those traits. If you leave any room for assumptions, you’ll have disappointing leads headed in your direction.

When your referral partners know what you want to see in a dream connection, they’ll have more confidence sending leads your way. These details make it easier for everyone to grow.

2. Share the details of your business.

One of the buzzwords you’ll see out there today is “full-service.” Although some companies might provide a lot of help to their clients, no one can do 100% of everything. If you use this descriptor with your referral network, you’re doing them and you a disservice.

Instead of saying that you do everything, offer specific examples of what people can expect when working with your brand.

3. Be authentic and transparent.

The selling process is often a lot like social media. We’re tempted to share what we’re best at while keeping the rest of the information to ourselves. Although it is important to tell people about your dream referrals’ qualities, try to share info about the other services you offer. Even if it isn’t one of your strengths, you’ll increase the likelihood that each lead has a positive experience.

When you receive referrals for jobs where you don’t have many strengths, there could be damage to your reputation and credibility. That’s why you want the focus to be on what you do the best whenever possible.

4. Talk about the qualities of your current customers.

When you discuss what your current customers are like with your referral network, you’re more likely to receive duplicates with this effort. That’s why it pays to be specific with your demographic information. If you work well with someone above the age of 50 with a specific income level, it wouldn’t be great to have a 19-year-old making minimum wage getting sent your way.

5. Offer your success stories.

People want to see tangible examples of how good a business is doing before they take a risk with completing a transaction. That’s why your success stories can lead to more dream referrals. Your network can share testimonials, evidence-based photos or videos, and other specific examples that prove you live up to the value promises offered.

6. Provide samples.

If you have a product sample to share, your referral network can put something tangible into the hands of your dream leads. When people can experience something, they’re shown what you can do instead of being told what the results could be. That results in more confidence with the item in question, eventually leading to more potential conversions.

How Do You Educate Your Referral Network?

Your referral network can deliver some dream prospects when they understand the attributes and demographics of the leads you’d like to see.

Everyone provides this information in different ways. You might join a conversation on social media, send emails to each referral partner, or supply product prototypes to demonstrate your value in evidence-based encounters.

The truth is that you can grow as a business alone, but that approach won’t maximize your potential. When you engage with your referral network to encourage more interaction with your dream leads, the opportunities to create more conversions can be numerous.

What options do you take when providing information to your network to help them learn about your business?

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