Why Public Speaking Is Essential to Your Success

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Some people like to sit in the front of the classroom, raising their hand every time they feel that their expertise or experience offers a positive contribution.

Others prefer to sit in the back, hoping that no one calls on them or initiates a conversation.

Although talking in front of others is essential in many career fields, the fear of getting up to speak can hold people back. Did you know that more people are afraid of public speaking than death?

It might be scary, but it is also essential that we communicate with others regularly. These conversations and presentations are how we tell stories, share ideas, and create positive change.

If you’re dealing with a fear of public speaking, here are some reasons why working to overcome it could be valuable.

What Are the Benefits of Public Speaking?

1. It builds confidence.

If you want to promote yourself, confidence is the primary ingredient needed for a successful experience. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in most industries must handle their own public relations needs. Instead of shying away from the spotlight, it is essential to take advantage of each opportunity that comes along.

2. You learn valuable leadership skills.

Although public speaking puts you at the front of the room, you’ll find that it is more important to listen. When you create a presentation, think about the problems you can solve for the people in that room. If you can hear their concerns and adapt your knowledge into something usable, the information will serve them better.

3. It can inspire others.

People get inspired when they see others overcoming the obstacles that they currently face in life. You become the representation of perseverance in the minds of others. By talking about the strategies you implemented to achieve results, you’re helping everyone work together toward a common goal.

4. You can offer a soft sell.

Most people don’t like the hard sell. It forces them into a decision that they might not want to make at that specific moment. When you can tap into your public speaking skills, you can take a softer approach. By showing everyone the value that comes from each idea, you’re creating a natural call to action that encourages a better result.

5. It encourages critical thinking.

Public speakers must be quick on their feet. Without critical thinking skills, it is impossible to adapt to the needs of your audience. Even when you’re not in front of everyone, you’ll learn how to reason, research, and analyze information to promote the strongest value proposition possible.

As you get better with this skill, you’ll get to avoid the potential problems that could develop during negotiations.

6. You can learn the skill of persuasion.

When you are a public speaker, the art of persuasion is a necessary skill to develop. Your pitch needs to convince others that your idea has the potential to offer value. Working on this attribute can help you do everything from writing a great press release to answering the concerns of a direct report.

If you get nervous in a public speaking role, you’re normal. Congratulations! Now it is time to take the next step to conquer that fear. These ideas are an excellent starting place to begin that journey.

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